raises $9.3m Series A to redefine content management


Custom editing experiences

Feed analytics and reporting dashboards into the place where you write. Connect to Slack when something happens. Build your own performance indicators for productive content teams.

Our editing environment is open source so you can shape it the way you want.

Custom dashboards
Analyze and publish, all at once
Trigger content events from other services
Poster: Sanity users collaborating around publishing interface elements

Faster, more flexible workflows for editors and developers

Riks-TV had a CMS that created bottlenecks. Developers wanted greater flexibility while editors needed a tailored interface to deliver great content. With Sanity their editors are happier and deployment frequency has increased by 300%.
3x deployment frequency
Easy content modeling
More freedom for editors
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Custom widgets

Make your editing environment a place of fun and productivity with custom widgets.

Install your own React components into our open source studio. View content performance where you work, write “post-it” notes to your dashboard, or play minesweeper in your CMS on lunch breaks. It’s all about supporting your team and goals in ways that make the most sense to you.

Write in the same place you get insights

Analyze your content’s performance in the same place that you make it. Combine our Structure Builder and split panes features to insert react components right where you edit. Learn and write without changing tabs.

Google Analytics & Yoast plugins
BYO dashboard widgets
Get stats & content in the same tab

I was absolutely blown away by my ability to structure content easily. The inline modules in the Portable Text really changed the game and elevated the experience, especially for the client.

Connect content with events from other services

Connect Sanity with API-based 3rd party services for better content ops.

Structured content isn‘t just for websites, use Sanity to support operational content that flows through your organization. Send content back and forth between services places like Slack and Hubspot to get more done and reduce management tasks.

Build beyond your expectations