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NEWS · August 16th 2019

Meet our new team members

Adding more people to our team at is one of the most important things we do as a startup. We are pleased to welcome Victoria, Magnus, Ørjan, and Taran to the team!

Øyvind Rostad

Øyvind is COO and co-founder of

Adding more people to our team at is one of the most important things we do as a startup. When we add new members to the team, we spend a lot of time considering how each new member will add diversity to the team, new perspectives and experience, and how they will contribute to making Sanity a better place to work, and a better experience for our users!

We are proud to announce four newcomers to the team, all having impressed us with their mindset, their perspectives, and their skills. We are all in San Francisco in the coming week. Come say hi to them at our Meetup on Thursday 22nd, or meet them in our Community Slack any day!

Victoria Bergquist is our new eminent frontend developer. She joins our team moving back to Norway after many years abroad having lived in Japan and Australia, and these last years in Frankfurt, Germany. Not only is Victoria a talented developer, but she is also the chapter leader for Vue Vixens Germany, and a core team member of VuePress. “I wanted to be a part of a talented team”, she tells us, “and a place that was warm and welcoming. It’s a very exciting product to contribute to!”

We feel lucky to have Magnus “Judofyr” Holm join the team as a backend engineer. He recently got a degree in physics but has been a programmer for many years. He’s also known for discovering the XSS-exploit on Twitter back in 2010 that spread like wildfire and other exploits. Magnus is also somewhat of a legend in the Ruby community, having created many popular gems while he still was in high school. In fact, the founders of Sanity have tried to recruit him to their past consultancy many times. Asking Magnus why he joins, he replies, “It’s appealing to get to work with parsers, compilers, and implementation of the backend. I had also heard a lot of positive things about the team and it’s refreshing to work on a product, rather than projects”.

Our new Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Ørjan Ommundsen is an excellent addition to our operations team. Sanity is Ørjan’s first startup after many years working on the operations teams of some of Norway's largest media corporations. He will watch over our Kubernetes clusters and contribute to the ongoing improvements in monitoring and scaling our infrastructure. The reason Ørjan chose Sanity, he tells us, was the challenges that come with scaling our content infrastructure globally, and getting to work with a friendly team.

Taran Enger-Mår joins Sanity having been a senior consultant in EY and with experience from the private equity firm EQT. Taran will be working with organizational development and people operations, helping us make sure we spend enough time considering developing Sanity as a workplace, that we find ways of working that makes us deliver on our high ambition, whilst still enjoying a healthy balance so that we can continue attracting the right people! We asked Taran why she decided to join Sanity. “I couldn’t miss out on the adventure. When I met the team and got to know the product and the company, there was no doubt, I just had to join!”, she tells us.

Victoria Bergquist. (📸Jørn Knutsen)
Magnus Holm. (📸Jørn Knutsen)
Ørjan Ommundsen (📸Jørn Knutsen)
Taran Enger-Mår (📸Jørn Knutsen)