Pricing update: Free users
NEWS · December 8th 2021

Pricing update: Free users

We’ve made updates to our pricing and now offer free admin users on all plans, the ability to purchase non-admin users, and have increased historical retention on Team and Business plans.

Marcus Sarmento

Marcus is Head of Product Marketing at Sanity

Unlike most other content platforms, Sanity’s platform for structured content lets you unify your team around common context and tooling. Having a single source of truth and the ability to customize workflows leads to less friction when working cross-functionally and collaborating with others. We sincerely believe our platform delivers differentiated value, and we want the opportunity to demonstrate that value to as many people as possible. But we know a lot of you work at large organizations with limited budgets. So we wanted to come up with a way for you and all your colleagues to be able to use Sanity without being discouraged by user overage charges. And we believe we did just that.

Starting today, we’re making changes to our plans to make it easier to collaborate with colleagues and encourage more people to try Sanity out. Here is a summary of the updates:

  • All-access admin users are now free on all plans
  • All of our plans now come with a quota of non-admin users included
  • You have the ability to purchase additional non-admin users for projects on any of our plans
  • Increased historical retention on Team & Business plans
  • Plan subscription costs and plan names stay the same

It’s worth noting that we are not automatically migrating you to these new plans. If your current plan meets your needs, no further action is required – you can stay on your existing plan. And if you want to migrate to the new plan, we’ve made it easy to do that from right within the management interface.

Free users

With these plan updates, we are no longer charging overages for admin users on any plan, including our Free tier. This all-access role is included in all plans at no additional cost! That means you can invite all your teammates to your project and get all the admin users you want*. Tokens (Editor / Viewer), which are designed for use by robots, will continue to be available on all plans for free.

*Note: we have a 1,000 user technical limit on all projects, so if you expect your project to have more than 1,000 users, please reach out in our community slack and tell us more about your use case.

Purchase non-admin users

Although we’re pretty excited about offering free admin users to our community, we know not all projects can utilize admin roles alone. Sometimes you’ll want to restrict permissions in a way that helps safeguard against unintentional (or intentional) errors that could cause issues for your site, app, or service.

So, as part of this pricing update, we’re also including the ability to purchase non-admin users. Each plan comes with a set number of non-admin roles you have access to, and our paid plans come with a quota of non-admin users that you can assign. Here’s a breakdown by plan:

  • Free - Access to Editor & Viewer roles. 3 non-admin users included.
  • Team - Access to Editor, Viewer, and Developer roles. 10 non-admin users included.
  • Business - Access to Editor, Viewer, Developer, and Contributor roles. 20 non-admin users included.
  • Enterprise - Custom roles and custom non-admin user quota, contact us for more information.

Want more non-admin users on your self-serve plan? You can purchase additional non-admin users for just $15/user/month.

Increased historical retention

Our Team and Business plan customers now get access to even more historical data. We’ve upgraded the Team plan to provide 30-day historical retention (up from 7 days) for the Review Changes (drafts) feature. And our Business plan offers 90-day historical retention (up from 30 days) for the Review Changes (drafts), Review Changes (complete history), Activity Feed, and Audit Log features.


As a reminder, we won’t be automatically migrating projects to these new plans or forcing people to switch. If you like your current plan and don’t want to migrate, you can stay on your existing plan – no further action is required.

We hope you enjoy the pricing changes we’re launching today, and we encourage you to try out the new plans and let us know what you think in the community slack!