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NEWS · December 30th 2020

Adding new members to our team!

We are ending the year on a high note having added another five amazing people to our team.

Taran Enger-Mår

Taran is Head of Organizational Growth at

Building our team with great people is a privilege that’s key to our success. Over the last month, we’ve welcomed five new people who share our passion for redefining content management.

  • We’re strengthening the team that works with our customers ensuring they find success with Sanity and reach their fullest potential with structured content. Welcome, Carolina, Solution Engineer; and Markus, Head of Customer Success and Solution Engineering!
  • Building a smart and effective finance function is a critical part of our development. Jose joins our core management team as Vice President of Finance!
  • We’re also strengthening our growth and marketing team by welcoming Shur as a Full Stack Growth Engineer!
  • Maintaining but also scaling reliable infrastructure is critical to the growth we’re experiencing. Armando joins our SRE team as Principal Site Reliability Engineer!

We’re excited to start the new year together with these people! And we’re still hiring so do visit our careers page for the latest open positions.

Learn more about our new colleagues below or catch up with them in our community Slack. You can also share your own Sanity guides, projects, and more in our new community ecosystem.

Meet our new team members

Armando Cerna is joining Sanity as our new Principal Site Reliability Engineer. He joins us from fintech and 100xGroup, having previous experience from both Mavenlink and Anaplan. When he is not scaling infrastructure, Armando is an aspiring baker and pizza chef, or maintaining his classic computer collection. You can find him together with his dogs and partner in the Bay Area. When asked why he joined Sanity, he says: "First and foremost the people are what attracted me to Sanity, it was very clear that everyone felt very passionate about how Sanity is working to redefine how people think about their structured content". Armando joins us on January 4th and will be working from the Bay Area.

Carolina Gonzalez is our new Solution Engineer. She is a software engineer, academic, and writer, and joins us from CKM Analytix where she created data-driven software solutions for large enterprises. Carolina has professional experience in writing and teaching, and continues to be passionate about both! When asked why she joined Sanity, she says: "Sanity’s exciting for me because I get to continue thinking about interesting new ways of framing ideas and helping people create beautiful things". Carolina joined us on November 30th and is working remotely from Arizona.

Jose Estrada is Sanity’s first Vice President of Finance. He has extensive experience from other venture-backed companies such as Pared and Checkr. Jose is passionate about working at early-stage start-ups where his work can make a direct and meaningful impact. Jose is a keen traveler and loves hanging out with his family in the East Bay. When asked why he joined Sanity, he says: "Sanity is the perfect combination of an innovative product, competing in the ever-important content management space, with the right team to win". Jose joined us at the end of November and is located at our San Francisco office.

Markus Schork will be joining us as Head of Customer Success & Solution Engineering. He is currently CTO of Unilever’s Hair Division and has been working with them since 2007 where he has built and run global technology platforms and headed multiple projects in digital development. Markus discovered Sanity at a meetup in 2019 and has become an advocate for structured content to deliver future proof, performant and high-quality experiences. Markus is a Lego aficionado, brews his own beer, and is passionate about design, typography, and art. He will join us early in 2021, working remotely out of London where he lives with his partner Emilie are their two young children.

Shur Singh is our new Full-Stack Growth Engineer. Shur comes from a varied background: he studied music and psychology and also spent years teaching computer science in a volunteer capacity at local high schools. Shur was most recently at Evernote, where he led teams to drive customer engagement and built infrastructure to segment audiences for tailored experiences. He loves learning new technologies and working collaboratively with others on complex projects. He also likes exploring the intersection of music and programming. When not typing into VS Code, Shur likes to organize long hiking/biking/camping trips in nature. He's about 10% through his life goal of exploring every National Park in the USA. Shur joined us in early December and is based at our San Francisco office.