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NEWS · September 9th 2021

Community Digest - August 2021

Let's check out an ice hockey podcast's entire website, learn all about localization in Sanity in a guide written by a community member, and see how the Studio can fit nicely into the music industry.


Kapehe is a Developer Relations Specialist at Sanity.

August was packed with great content from the community. We are impressed by all the super cool projects. In this month's Community Digest, we are going to highlight a handful of those contributions.

Do you want to be featured? Be sure to share your own Sanity-related content! And remember, all of the contributions you see here can be found in two places:

A full podcast platform on Sanity

Created and shared by Matt Taylor, is a website that listeners can go to for The Face-off Spot Podcast. Matt shared screenshots of the behind-the-scenes of the Sanity Studio. There we see that the content is broken up by episodes, sponsors, authors, and more.

Within the frontend of the website, users can navigate to a particular episode, read up on a quick summary of the episode, and listen to the episode right there.

Whether you are a fan of ice hockey, a fan of structured content, or both, definitely go check out The Face-off Spot Podcast website! Great content, Matt!

A new guide all on localization

Localization doesn't have to be hard to add to your Sanity Studio. But if you are stuck, there's a whole new guide by Nils Norman Haukås. Nils was recently tasked with the feature of adding the requirement to support multiple languages on their website. Nils wrote up this guide to help anyone get a head start on how to understand the Sanity plugin, sanity-plugin-intl-input.

Keeping developers and content creators in mind, this guide covers all the different ways someone would need to interact with localization within the Studio. Some of those include being able to toggle between different locales or having the editing experience localized for the content author.

If you are adding Localization to your website, look no further than this guide and Sanity's Localization docs to get started with it!

Using Sanity Studio to power a music platform

Bright Notion, an independent music publisher, was recently shared to the Sanity Community by Simon Rogers. Bright Notion promotes the artists they represent and hosting all that content is Sanity! This site also shows a creative and fun way to visualize music.

I think Simon says it best:

"I initially started by animating choice bits of title text as appropriate, however, I’ve long been inspired by Simeon Grigg’s ingenious cookery website, which used Sanity’s Portable Text to enrich the cookery experience for users with dynamic measurements. Since coming across it, I’ve been far more attentive in looking for opportunities to exploit Portable Text for fun opportunities of my own...

In this case, I realized it would be possible to make some simple text annotations – one, named "PartyMode", a simple boolean which rendered any text selected as music-responsive, and another which accepted a reference to a specific piece of music, hereby acting as another trigger to play the song, and facilitating the dancing text within a paragraph context."

Checking out the Studio screenshots shared by Simon, we see how they organized the content and the awesome icons they added for the different document types. You'll even see in the rich text editor, how Tracks are referenced right into the block content. Great work, Simon!

How can I share my Sanity content?

So glad you asked! 😊 Head over to Sanity's Exchange to see all the different types of contributions you can make:

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