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NEWS · June 22nd 2020

New stream: How to store user-generated content

Learn how to use serverless functions to update content in your dataset!

Knut Melvær

Knut runs developer relations at

Did you know that Sanity comes with a full suite of APIs that also let you update and work with content programmatically? Our principal engineer, Espen Hovlandsdal, recently joined developer advocate at Netlify, Jason Lengstorf on “Learn with Jason” to show how you can use serverless functions to update content.

The video is a great primer on getting Sanity up and running, connecting it to the Node.js based static site generator Eleventy. It also teaches you to set up serverless functions on Netlify. Bonus if you are into corgis (who isn't?).

Watch the video below, and go to for full transcript and related links.