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NEWS · December 10th 2017

How to easily migrate from Contentful to Sanity

Liberate Contentful spaces as Sanity projects

Even Eidsten Westvang

Even is a co-founder

As we’ve been working away at our infrastructure we have cast the occasionally sidelong glance at other companies with projects based on some of the same principles as Sanity.

The great thing about headless CMSes is that they don’t lock you into technological choices. You can deliver your front-ends on whatever technology you like. Could the same hold true for data backends? Of course it can. Given that the system that you are importing to organizes data at least as well as the system you're importing from.

Today we’re publishing an early release of our contentful-to-sanity migration tool. The exporter takes a Contentful Space and sets up a complete Sanity project for you from scratch. We both translate the schema and upload your data, including your assets and references.

Afterwards you’ll have your data in a collaborative editor on a real-time backend, and a permissively licensed editor that you can extend with your own code and easily deploy.

Happy hacking.

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