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NEWS · February 12th 2020

Announcing: A major non-event!

We're bumping Sanity Studio’s version number from 0 to 1. It isn't exciting though. Like at all.

Simen Svale Skogsrud

Simen is a developer, co-founder, and CTO at

(Illustration: We searched for “boring” and this is what came up.)

At the time of writing, the Sanity Studio is at version 0.147.9. According to the rules of semantic versioning, the leading "0" there means we have technically reserved the right to break our APIs at any so-called “minor release” (as in, when the middle number increases).

Of course, we are not actually doing that. We are very careful about not breaking any of our documented APIs intentionally. We have learned a lot about the people who use Sanity over the two years since we launched. We try to build from that knowledge, not by breaking old APIs, but by introducing new high-level APIs like e.g. the validation API and the structure builder API. These can be extended and developed to a large extent without breaking any pre-existing code.

It is a proud tradition to stay at major version 0 for a long time in the world of JavaScript. React moved directly from 0.14.7 to 15.0.0 in 2017. So it is with no fanfare, and after emphasizing that absolutely nothing is changing with our approach, that we now officially go from version 0.147.9 to 1.148.0.

We have behaved as a version 1 product for years at this time, but now you can clearly glance that guarantee from our version number.