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NEWS · August 11th 2021

Community Digest - July 2021

In this month's digest, we take a look at new e-commerce websites, a new Ruby client for Sanity, and machine learning with Sanity.


Kapehe is a Developer Relations Specialist at Sanity.

From the latest news on saving energy to a Ruby SDK shared by the Morning Brew engineering team, July was packed with amazing projects, plugins, and more!

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Performant news curation with machine learning and Sanity

The agency Tinloof was approached by illuminem to take their minimal viable product with thousands of subscribers. They went from a Wix site to a specialized content workflow using and a performant website using Next.js hosted on Vercel.

illuminem is a platform that curates the latest news from the energy industry. Their workflow takes the content from the RSS-feed crawler, categorizes all those posts with machine learning, and puts them into the Content Lake. With the connected Studio, editors can add, edit, and curate posts with exactly the control they need. Nice.

Awesome website, and thanks for sharing in the Sanity Exchange, Omar Benseddik. You can also read the full case study on Tinloof's site.

A new Ruby client for Sanity – built by the Morning Brew team

Do you have an application written in Ruby? Want convenient access to the Sanity API from that application? The engineering team at Morning Brew has got your back. They made a nifty plugin that makes Ruby development with Sanity better!

Ruby API Client helps with fast setup and configuration and a pre-defined class to help make any PORO (“Plain Old Ruby Objects”) a "sanity resource".

Get started with this plugin by running the command gem 'sanity-ruby' from your application's Gemfile. To find out all the steps needed for mutating, querying, and more, head on over to the Sanity Exchange to the plugin's page.

"Allkinds" of e-commerce magic

Kevin Green is at it again with two amazing projects shared with the community. You heard right, two!


Getting a handle on Allkinds' complex data structure wasn't easy, but implementing Sanity allowed for a multi-tiered taxonomy structure and cleaned up the data coming in from the PIM solution. The team on the task found that by pairing Gatsby and Sanity, they could achieve things like easily syncing data into Algolia and linking Shopify and Sanity products through a sync integration.

Also, the colors!! Great job on the design!


Baggu, an e-commerce website, flows a Shopify multi-site into Sanity and offers two unique frontends. Sanity allows for a theme-like experience that Kevin also wrote a guide for, showing how to craft a theme engine for your Sanity project. Meow!

So much information to gather! Great work on the projects, Kevin!

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