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NEWS · July 12th 2021

Logical AND, Logical OR, Logical NOT in GROQ

In the latest episode of Kap & Lauren learn GROQ - Part 6, we learned how to use the logical AND, the logical OR, and the logical NOT to really fine-tune our queries.

Lauren Etheridge

Lauren is a Developer Relations Specialist at Sanity.


Kapehe is a Developer Relations Specialist at Sanity.

In Kap & Lauren Learn GROQ - Part 6, we delved into the world of logical and comparison operators and space travel. We both agreed that we preferred exploring space over the bottom of the sea, astronauts && international space station == YAY! while giant sea monsters || giant squid == No Way!

Logical Operators

Logical operators such as AND [&&], OR [||], and NOT [!] are common booleans that evaluate to true, false, or null.

AND operator - &&

The [&&] operator evaluates true when both sides of the expression are true:

*[_type == "product" && "chocolate" in tags]

Using the e-commerce sample dataset, we filtered the document type product and used the && operator to filter through the tags and find only the candy that is tagged as chocolate. In this query, the && declares that the candy must be a product and it must also have a chocolate tag. In other words, both sides must be true.

OR operator - | |

The [||] is a bit more flexible in that only one side of the expression needs to be satisfied in order to evaluate true:

*[_type == "product" && "Liquorice" in tags || "Strange" in tags]{

The OR operator in the above query allowed Kap & I to return all candy that was tagged as Liquorice or Strange. If the candy had at least one of these tags, the expression would evaluate as true.


Case/Capitalization: In the e-commerce sample dataset, the tags were case sensitive and if the title was capitalized, it must be capitalized in the query.

NOT operator - !

The [!] operator is a negation and evaluates to true when the value is not a part of the specified parameter:

*[_type == "product" && !(_id in path("drafts.**"))]

The filter in the above query is looking for all documents in the product type that are not in drafts. In other words, all candy products that have been published.

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