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NEWS · November 6th 2020

We are strengthening our team

Not long ago we announced adding ten amazing people to our team. Now we have added another six just as amazing people to further build Sanity.

Taran Enger-Mår

Taran is Head of Organizational Growth at

We are growing, and one of the most important things we do is adding the right people to our team. We put a lot of time and energy into finding our people as we believe that our company's success depends on them.

Not long ago we announced adding ten amazing people to our team. Now we have added another six just as amazing people further building our sales efforts, product, and organization.

  • We are focusing on building out our sales efforts, and shaping how is sold. How we interact with our future customers is important to us as we want them to experience our culture and values from the start. Welcome Hayley and Tony!
  • Our platform is maturing and we have a long-term vision that would further reinvent how we all think about content. We are glad to strengthen our efforts with a senior Product Manager. Please welcome Tarun!
  • We are strengthening our Engineering and Design team with two additional developers. We have had great releases already this fall, but we're far from done. Please welcome Fred and Herman!
  • With a growing organization, we have to keep our operations up to speed. We believe it is critical to have a well-run organization, removing friction and focusing on being flexible and smart in the way we work and operate. Please welcome Storee!

With our recent Series A announcement and with more great people joining our team we're excited for what's to come. We are still hiring so do visit our careers page for the latest open positions!

Meet our new team members

You can read about our new colleagues below or catch up with them in our community.

Fred Carlsen is our new Full Stack Developer. He is a keen developer that can’t stop playing around with new ideas, which led to him creating (among other things) what is likely the world's largest collection of plug-ins for Craft CMS. Most recently, he helped Oslo’s tiniest bakery (?) survive the pandemic and relaunch their business. Outside of work, Fred’s passions include everything culture: cinema, music, and weird art, as well as spending time in nature. In another time and place, he immensely enjoys going to dark clubs dancing for hours on end. When asked why he joined Sanity, he said: “Having both built and worked intimately with many CMS, when I first heard the rumor of Sanity back in the dark days, I thought “do we need yet another CMS?“. However, after actually using it, I knew there was something special brewing here. What sealed the deal was talking to everyone and seeing the rare combination of being thoughtful, humble, and at the same time very ambitious". Fred joined us on October 1st and is working from our Oslo office.

Hayley Britt is our new Account Executive. Hayley loves building sales teams from the ground up and has spent the past eight years in companies like Amazon, Intercom, and Envoy. Outside of work, Hayley enjoys running marathons, hiking, and studying nutrition. When asked why she joined Sanity she says: "I knew I wanted to join Sanity instantly after meeting Magnus and the team, seeing how collaborative and thoughtful everyone is, and also discovering how groundbreaking the technology truly is". Hayley joined us in September and is working remotely from Washington.

Herman Wikner is our new Frontend Developer. Herman joins us from NAF Digital. He has a degree in interaction design from Malmö University and found programming through his studies. Herman was instantly hooked and continued to learn to program on his own. When asked why he joined Sanity he says he loved it from the first time he used it and couldn't join: "Sanity takes care of all the complicated and time-consuming tasks and enables me to spend more time being creative and focusing on creating what I want". Herman joins us on November 1st and will be working remotely from Stockholm, Sweden.

Storee Moss is our new Operations Generalist. Storee joins us from Heavybit and has experience from a vast selection of operations roles. Storee is passionate about people. Rather than helping a company run like a "machine," Storee helps them operate as a home or community. Outside of work-life, Storee reads geeky sci-fi stories, cooks and bakes delicious food, practices aerial silks/tissue, bikes all over town, and practices digital art and illustration. To give back to the community and as one step to balance their privilege and impact, Storee is a volunteer peer counselor for the Berkeley Free Clinic, providing free no-barrier counseling. As a queer and nonbinary person (pronouns are: they/them/theirs) Storee is also an advocate for and active in LGBTQIA+ communities and enjoys helping educate others about diverse experiences. When asked why they joined Sanity they said: "I am excited to join Sanity because while I was Operations Manager for Heavybit, I got to share lunch, laughter, workdays, and celebrations with the team, and saw first hand what a kind and respectful group they are". Storee started October 26th and will be working from our San Francisco office.

Tarun Gangwani is our new Product Manager. With his background in cognitive science and design, Tarun has championed a user-centered approach throughout his career working with startups and enterprises alike. Previously, he was the lead product manager on the developer lifecycle and services group at Twitch (an Amazon company). Excited to return to startups, Tarun said he was most looking forward to helping the team continue to build on their momentum: "I am excited to work with this talented team solving the biggest challenges in content management." Tarun starts on November 11th as a remote employee based in Seattle, WA. You can follow his thoughts on product management, technology, and coffee on Twitter.

Tony Stimpfel is our new Account Executive. Tony has been working in SaaS Sales in Boston for the last five years and joins us from LogRocket. He is passionate about building repeatable sales processes in product-led companies, and when asked why he joined Sanity, he says: "Sanity is not only changing the way people work with content but changing the way that people work together which in itself is exciting. The culture and principles of Sanity are also very much in line with my own, making it even more exciting to join!". Tony joined us in September and will be working from our San Francisco office.