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NEWS · December 4th 2020

Community Digest #34: Pug philanthropy, chess moves, and iOS shortcuts

Get creative with CSS, custom inputs, pet celebrity, and iOS shortcuts.

Bryan Robinson

Bryan used to be a Developer Relations Specialist at Sanity.

Pug philanthropy tops the Digest this week. That's not a typo. "Internet Sensation" Doug the Pug has a charitable foundation, and the website is powered by Sanity. We also take a look at some creative coding and design from the community ecosystem.

Doug the Pug gets philanthropical

Scott Wambach shared his work on building out the Doug the Pug Foundation website using Sanity. Doug's mission has been "to make people smile each and every day." The Foundation is on a bigger mission to bring a bit of joy to children battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

A chess puzzle advent calendar

Asbjørn Steinskog put custom input components to work in creating the Advent of Chess. It features a custom input component for starting positions on a chessboard and a login and leaderboard for those participating.

Speaking of chess, did you know you can install a chessboard input by running sanity init plugin in your studio? It even works in real-time so you can play with your friends.

Beautiful soothing design for Ali Francis

Joshie Fishbein shared the recently-launched portfolio site for author Ali Francis. The site features creative uses of CSS transforms, blend modes, and custom properties to make a creative and soothing experience that's unique on every reload.

Publishing to Sanity with Siri and iOS Shortcuts

Never one to shrink from a challenge, our intrepid Head of DevRel and Support, Knut Melvær saw this tweet from @_Taurean and had to do a quick proof concept. In this iOS Shortcut, he takes audio input from Siri and connects to Sanity's API to store the transcription of the audio in Sanity's datastore. You can even inspect and modify the Shortcut for your own use cases.

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