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NEWS · September 16th 2019

JAMstack Shortcuts: Sanity + Stackbit

Even Eidsten Westvang

Even is a co-founder

Per-Kristian Nordnes

Per-Kristian is a full stack wizard.

We're happy to announce that you now can launch complete JAMstack projects with Sanity using Stackbit.

Try out Stackbit + Sanity here

Stackbit lets you combine delightful themes with your favorite static site generator (like Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby and others) and off you go to have your site built and deployed to Netlify. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

It's a great user experience, and Stackbit do a great job introducing JAMstack as a healthy pattern for building websites that are fast, secure, and user-friendly. If you are not that familiar with the JAMstack, Stackbit is a great way to get started (Or if you need a head start for that landing page you were supposed to finish yesterday.)

Since Stackbit had to find a way to combine multiple themes across multiple static site generators and API-oriented CMSes, they can't necessarily use all the features and approaches that offers (such as Portable Text). That said, nothing keeps you from exploring those once you're up and running.

Stackbit are also the very first consumers of our new OAuth2 API that makes it possible for other services to integrate into their products and stacks. We also therefore want to thank the folks at Stackbit for wanting to offer Sanity in their service and for their testing and feedback.

Interested in trying out our OAuth2 API? Do contact us at

Thanks Rodik, Simon, Ohad, and Dan over at Stackbit! It's been great working with you.