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NEWS · May 27th 2019

Join our Online Summer Meetup on June 11th!

Join us for our Online Summer Meetup, June 11th. State of Sanity; How was built; Gridsome source plugin; What we have been working on.

Knut Melvær

Knut runs developer relations at

We have hosted meetups in Oslo, San Francisco, and New York. And they have all been a blast, and we're definitvely doing more of them.

But we have people who are using and building with Sanity all over the world. And there are some things we want to tell you all about. So we decided that we should do an online live-streamed meetup where we could invite everybody to join us.

Join the meetup!


We have some good news for you! Both in terms of what’s happening here at Sanity, and upcoming features. We also have the great pleasure of having Kevin Green from The Couch join us to give some insights to how they built We are equally eager to have Gridsome co-founder Tommy Vedvik show how our source plugin will work with the popular Vue-based static site generator.

  • The State of Sanity (Magnus Hillestad)
  • How The Couch NYC built
  • The Sanity Source Plugin for Gridsome
  • "We're working on it": What's next for (Even Westvang)


June 11th

  • San Franscico, 12.00pm
  • New York, 15.00pm
  • Oslo, 09.00pm

June 12th

  • Mumbai, 00.30am
  • Hong Kong, 03.00am
  • Sydney, 05.00am

Now, we understand that this isn't the ideal time for all parts of the globe (also depends if you're a night owl, or an early riser). We'll record the event and make it available afterwards. We hope, however, that you'll join us for the live stream if you have the chance.

Join our live-stream!

Join the meetup!

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