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NEWS · September 1st 2019

Founders of Netlify, Gatsby.js, and We need to talk about content

The videos from our "We need to talk about content" August meetup at Heavybit is up. Watch the founders of Netlify, Gatsby, and discuss the future of content on the web.

Knut Melvær

Knut runs developer relations at

We built Sanity as we needed a way to properly structure content beyond what any current system would let us. We find it a fundamentally better way to work and reason about how you should operate on texts, images, and other media that you need for your digital products and services. That’s the motivation behind developing as a platform a business.

This has taken us from Oslo to San Francisco where we currently are enrolled in the Heavybit accelerator program. Mid August 2019 the team was gathered in the bay area to kick off our new dual headquarters, and we used the occasion to invite some friends to a discussion about the future of content.

Unmixing structure and presentation

"The web field has this discussion that it keeps coming back to: How do we reason about presentation and structure?” In this talk, Even Westvang (CPO & co-founder, introduces us to the challenge of mixing content and presentation. If you wonder why treating content as structured data began to make sense, you should definitely watch this talk.

Founders of Netlify, Gatsby.js, and We need to talk about content

CEO Matt Biilmann of Netlify, and CEO Kyle Mathews of Gatsby.js spent the evening with us to share their perspectives on the future of content and the web. Together with our own chief technology officer Simen Skogsrud, they engaged in a spirited conversation about where they see the field going. We are grateful to Frances Berriman, head of UX and product design at Netlify for her precise and spirited panel moderation.