Side by side comparison of the default and a lion queen branded studio

New Guide: Learn how to style Sanity Studio

One of the main reasons for shipping Sanity Studio as an open-source CMS that you can customize is that we want to make it your own. The Studio should have some great out-of-the-box defaults but have the bricks and levers for when you need more flexibility. Being able to theme and make the Studio reflect your visual profile is one of those things.

We built the Studio with theming in mind from the start. Using CSSmodules, we expose a long list of variables you can override using the parts system. Navigating these haven’t necessarily been that easy with no prior experience, so Victoria made a super helpful guide for you. It will walk you through how to add colors, fonts, and a logo to the Studio. You can also check out the example plugin. We’ll ship a t-shirt to the first person who publishes the Hotdog Stand theme-plugin.

Install Sanity:
npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init|