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NEWS · April 2nd 2021

Content is Data: recapping a memorable day for Sanity

A look back at the Content is Data open house

Marcus Sarmento

Marcus is Head of Product Marketing at Sanity

Sanity’s virtual open house, Content is Data, brought together 500+ developers, editors, and business leaders from around the world. We had representation from 40 countries, with a few people staying up way past their bedtimes in Singapore to participate in the event.

In some ways, it was the culmination of months, even years, of work. Sanity announced Content Lake, a real-time database for structured content. It revolutionizes how you can think about – and interact with – your content to deliver amazing experiences.

But more importantly, the open house was an opportunity to engage with the Sanity community and ecosystem in a fun way. The talks ranged from roundtable discussions with e-commerce leaders to showcasing superb starter projects to hearing how Sanity helped developers empower their marketing team. Plus, the entire Sanity team stuck around for a few hours after the talks were done to hang out with the attendees.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Content is Data event last week, it was successful because of you! And for those who didn’t get a chance to attend live, we’ve included links to the recordings below.

See you all at our next event!

Session 1: “Content is Data” Keynote with Sanity CEO Magnus Hillestad

Session 2: Announcing Sanity Content Lake with Sanity CTO Simen Skogsrud & team

Session 3: E-commerce roundtable with BigCommerce, Commerce Layer, & Uniform

Session 4: HULL: fully-loaded e-commerce on Vercel

Session 5: Powering Netlify's community events with structured content

Session 6: "Everyone is welcome”: Celebrating 3 years of the Sanity community