A Sanity.io Open House

Content is Data

March 25th, 2021
09.00am – 12.30pm PDT

Customer expectations have changed. See how you can create better digital experiences, be part of a product release 10 months in the making and celebrate with our team!

Content is Data is part of the Sanity.io Open House series where we invite friends to share our thoughts, show our work, and get to meet all of you.

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Content is Data. A Sanity.io Open House.
04:00 PM


  • Kapehe J
  • Jacob Lovenskiold
    Head of Business Development
04:10 PM

Content is Data

  • Magnus Hillestad
    CEO, Co-founder
04:20 PM

Product launch

  • Simen Svale Skogsrud
    CTO, Co-founder
  • Radhe Kishan
    Backend Engineer
  • Magnus Holm
    Principal Engineer
  • Alex Staubo
    Backend Engineer
04:45 PM

E-commerce roundtable

  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Solution Engineer
  • Rachael Thompson
    Developer Advocate, BigCommerce
  • Lars Birkholm
    CEO, Uniform
  • Filippo Conforti
    Founder & CEO, Commerce Layer
  • Markus Schork
    Head of Customer Success and Solution Engineering
05:30 PM

HULL - fully-loaded e-commerce on Vercel

A performant, Shopify starter powered by Next.js and Sanity.io that comes with everything you need to launch.

  • Nick DiMatteo
    Freelance, Creator of HULL
  • Lee Robinson
    DevRel, Vercel
  • Even Westvang
    Head of Growth and Marketing
05:50 PM

Powering Netlify's community events with structured content

  • Ashlynn Polini
    Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Netlify
  • Zach Leatherman
    Creator of 11ty, Senior Web Developer, Netlify
  • Hugues Tennier
    Staff frontend developer, Netlify
  • Knut Melvær
    Head of DevRel
06:15 PM

"Everyone is welcome”: Celebrating 3 years of the Sanity community

  • Lauren Etheridge
    DevRel, DEI-efforts
  • Knut Melvær
    Head of DevRel
06:35 PM

Open House

Hang out with the full Sanity.io team