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NEWS · May 7th 2020

The Kitchen Sink Studio

The Kitchen Sink Studio is our ever-evolving example studio used to demo Sanity. We have made it available through for people who want a feature-rich demo.

Rune Botten

Rune is a Principal Solutions Engineer and Architect at Sanity working mainly with our enterprise clients

If you want a hands-on practical demo of the many customizations you can do with Sanity, you can now deploy our Kitchen Sink Studio. It is our ever-evolving demo-studio built to show off the functionality that you get with It’s an excellent starting point when you want to pitch Sanity to prospective clients.

Kitchen Sink Studio
Our ever-evolving feature-rich demonstration studio.

With the Kitchen Sink Studio you get examples of:

  • How to use the Studio‘s page builder to create landing pages, and present them in a web frontend
  • Example frontend currently using Gatsby, and Tailwind.css for styling
  • “Just add water” deployment on Netlify
  • Edit blog posts with side-by-side web-previews, can be configured to Gatsby Preview for real-time previewing in production and not just local development
  • How to manage SEO metadata like fields for Open Graph meta-tags
  • How to set up navigation for structured content, which allows for proper decoupling and omnichannel
  • Custom embedded objects in rich text for Instagram posts, social media videos, LaTeX math etc.
  • Field validations
  • Custom slugify functions with promises
  • Examples of how to use plugins and custom input components
  • Examples of custom document and document type lists using structure builder
  • Custom asset sources for Unsplash and AI-generated person photos
  • …and more

There’s also a new video that walks you through many of the things you can do with it, and we’ll be releasing more videos as this project expands with more feature demos over time.

Since our launch, we have been in numerous meetings demonstrating and how you can customize it to fit your team’s requirements and needs. Of course, what we have learned is that organizations have a healthy mix of common and unique questions of what they can achieve with structured content.

We have adressed some of these questions in this guide. But as they say, the proof is in the eating of the pudding. Demonstrating and giving people the feel for how they can work has been vital for us. The Kitchen Sink Studio lets us quickly put tailored demos together. By open-sourcing it, we hope that you can do the same for your prospective clients.