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NEWS · December 9th 2019

Introducing environment variable support for Sanity Studio

Better continous integration (CI) with new environment variable support for the Sanity Studio

Even Eidsten Westvang

Even is a co-founder

We just shipped support for environment variables for the Sanity Studio. This gives you improved continuous integration (CI) support, lets you more easily deploy studios for different projects and datasets from the same codebase, and lets you do environment-specific customizations.

The Sanity Studio is the open-source editing environment that connects with Sanity’s hosted datastore. While there is nothing keeping you from deploying the studio directly from your local machine onto our service, we have seen that most people prefer to commit the code to git and set up a deployment workflow from there. And honestly, we prefer it that way too.

To get support for environment variable upgrade your Sanity Studio (sanity upgrade) and check out the documentation to learn more.