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NEWS · February 26th 2019

Be our Site Reliability Engineer!

We are looking for an Site Reliability Engineer to help build our global content platform. Could this be you, or someone you know?

Simen Svale Skogsrud

Simen is a developer, co-founder, and CTO at

We want to strengthen our ops and infrastructure team with a Site Reliability Engineer with a passion for solid operations and scalable, globally distributed infrastructure. Could this be you, or someone you know?

The mission is a startup building world-class cloud-based content infrastructures at enterprise scale. Our passion is to enable developers of all kinds to work with editors in creating efficient flows of content within organizations. We craft delightful interfaces for content creators, let developers integrate workflow across systems while freeing designers to tailor inspiring presentations to specific platforms. has been in production for more than four years but launched publicly in November 2017. The best products are built bottom-up and we, therefore, emphasize a developer-centric approach focused on our community. User experience and design are the keys to our long-term success.

We are passionate people making extraordinary things. Yet we also know that building a business is not a sprint, but a marathon. We, therefore, strive for a work/life balance that will let us perform in the long run. This year we are opening our second office in San Francisco and will relocate two co-founders to build our US business.

Your work

Our product consists of a real-time database and distribution network built to enable world-spanning teamwork and integration with enterprise systems, process automation, and AI-content enrichment solutions—and an open sourced front-end toolkit that enables developers to build inspiring authoring tools for their editors. It supports deep queries in (optionally) schema-less data sets, fine-grained access control, real-time collaborative editing of rich data structures and scales to millions of documents.

In terms of end-user delivery, “unlimited” horizontal scalability remains a hard requirement. As a startup, our code base is legacy free and nimble. All performance-critical subsystems are written in Go, with some line-of-business systems implemented in JavaScript/Node.

As a SRE at, you will be a central member of the team developing and running our global infrastructure. We are looking for an SRE interested in working with our core technologies that include Kubernetes, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Go, Node.js and Google Cloud Platform. We utilize best-of-breed solutions to achieve our goals, and when necessary we build our own.

The work involves building out an infrastructure that supports our global ambition to be the best platform for authoring, processing and distributing content world wide in real time. That delivers on our independent developers' requirement of maximum convenience and value for effort, while also catering to our enterprise clients' needs for security, versatility and performance.

What we hope to learn about you:

  • Your thoughts on working on a new and growing SaaS
  • Your previous experience with, or thoughts on, managing scalable, high availability, cloud based applications
  • Experience with, or interest in, infractructure as code: saltstack, terraform et al.
  • Experience with monitoring services and incident handling
  • Experience with, or interest in, CI/CD
  • Approach to learning and adopting new technologies
  • Your thoughts on automation
  • Whether you are fresh and eager, or seasoned and experienced. Either way we want to hear from you!

We offer:

  • A tight, friendly team with a passion for excellence and an excellent work ethic.
  • Flexible work environment, with the option of periodically working remotely.
  • Competitive salary and stock options.
  • Base in the second happiest country in the world (Norway), in one of Europe’s fastest growing cities (Oslo) ticking all the boxes when it comes to arts, night-life, family friendliness, and the great outdoors. And everyone speaks English!
  • Awesome social benefits as mandated by Norwegian law including child benefits, paid parental leave, universal healthcare, and proper Nordic vacations.
  • Full coverage of visa and relocation costs

Do send us your CV and some words about yourself!

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