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NEWS · July 6th 2021

Community Digest - June 2021 Edition

In this month's digest, we take a look at the entries from the Custom Input Challenge, InVision's new Freehand online whiteboard, bring back into the spotlight a VSCode snippet extension, and more!


Kapehe is a Developer Relations Specialist at Sanity.

June has been packed with great projects, snippets, and plugins shared across Slack and the Exchange. We even ran a custom input challenge and we'll look at the entries from that! If you would like to be featured in the monthly digest, head on over to the Sanity Exchange, create a profile, and share what you have built on Sanity.

Remember, all the contributions shared can be found in two places:

Custom Input Challenge

This month we ran the Custom Input Challenge where people created and shared their own custom inputs while entering the raffle to win swag and tickets to JSNation. We were impressed by how many practical and useful submissions there were.

So without further ado, here are the contributions:

Check out these custom input components and see if any could work for you and your project!

InVision launches Freehand

Jon K. Wheeler let the Sanity Slack community in on InVision's newest launch, Freehand. Freehand is an online whiteboard for team collaboration. This can be used across many different platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Not only were we put on to the fact that Sanity is behind the scenes on the whole thing, but Jon also created a really neat hero image that we love.

Watch the demo of this hero image being created here.

Freehand is an amazing product and we are honored to be the content platform behind the magic. Great work, Jon!

Grab a Coffee

Grab a coffee, take a seat, and let me tell you about Grab a Coffee. This cleverly named company is a SaaS for recruiting tech talent. During the process of building it, the team was convinced of the + Next.js combo over a traditional DB setup.

Jon Eide Johnsen shared a widget that lets talent request virtual coffee chats with your team. The team got "a good model of relations for the different document types." In the case of Grab a Coffee, those relations were between companies, teams, employees, and chat topics. The team members love the ability they now have to add and update data right in the Studio.

From hardcoded to fully manageable

Fannie Gunton shared the new website for Huggins Reddien LLP, an Austin, TX-based law firm, that modernized from a Ruby-On-Rails app with hardcoded data. Fannie took that, made it a Gatsby app, set up the Sanity Studio, and connected it all to the Content Lake. Now the law office team, which does not have a developer, can go into the Studio and work with their content without a hitch.

All of the team member's individual information, social media icons for their profiles, or the law firm's list of clients are all saved and managed in the Studio. Fannie made the front-end responsive so that as they add content, it'll land nicely on the grids throughout the website.

Speedy Sanity Snippets

Henrique Doro has created a VSCode Extension worth installing. snippets allow you to swiftly develop your Sanity schemas. Not only does it speed things up for the developer, but it's precise, so you won't accidentally have a typo or missing comma!

Start typing out sanity or groq and let the dropdown help you pick which schema snippet you need. Check out the GIF below and watch how quickly schemas can be created with this:

How can I share my Sanity content?

So glad you asked! 😊

Head over to Sanity's Exchange to see all the different types of contributions you can make:

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