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Grab a Coffee

By Jon Eide Johnsen

Grab a Coffee is a simple, shareable widget that lets talent request virtual coffee chats with companies.

Landing page
Topic selection
Team members
Coffee chat request form
Success screen πŸŽ‰

About the project

We built and launched Grab a Coffee – a simple SaaS app for recruiting tech talent – in ~1 week using Sanity, Next.js (200+ SSG pages with ISR currently) and Tailwind CSS.

At first we were a bit skeptical of solely using Sanity as our back-end, but we managed to set up a good model of relations for the different document types (companies, teams, employees, chat topics). Adding queries to Next.js with GROQ was surprisingly intuitive coming from a GraphQL background, and our non-tech team members love the ability to add and update data directly in Sanity Studio.

I would definitely recommend Sanity + Next.js over a more traditional relational DB setup for prototyping a SaaS idea with a small team ✨


Jon Eide Johnsen

Growth, product & front-end, music (debussy ↔ acid techno), photography, generative art, machine learning

Jon is located at Oslo, Norway
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