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NEWS · November 18th 2021

Become a JSON wrangler with the new GROQ introduction on

Want to take control over JSON data? Take the new GROQ introduction course on!

Knut Melvær

Knut runs developer relations at

GROQ was developed to be a capable query language for any JSON data. It’s the primary way to interact with your content lake. With GROQ you can filter by any property inside of a document and shape the data using projections. In fact, GROQ is powering our GraphQL APIs as well. That’s why we're are stoked to see that John Lindquist, co-founder of has recorded and published an introduction to GROQ course.

Through short videos you're taken through the fundamentals of GROQ

In 23 minutes and through 10 short videos, John will teach you the fundamentals bringing you into some fairly advanced and useful queries. Of course, it’s only possible to scratch the surface in such a short amount of time, but it will be enough to make you very adept. We highly recommend it even though you might have used GROQ for a while, as there be things you didn’t know about yet.

The course uses groq-js, the open-source JavaScript parser. GROQ has been open-source since 2019, and is developed with a full specification. We also open-sourced our parser-compiler, Glush, as well as a parser and formater for Go, highlighting support for VS Code and Sublime Text, a CLI tool, and, our online arcade. We have great plans lined up for GROQ and are delighted to see it catch on!