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NEWS · November 29th 2018

Our article on succeeding with headless CMS projects is up on Smashing Magazine!

Using a Structured Content Management System is a great way to free your content from presentation and web centric distribution. But how to go about it? Our developer advocate Knut Melvær has written an article for Smashing Magazine to suggest some overarching strategies, with some concrete real-world examples on how to think about working with structured content.

Even Eidsten Westvang

Even is a co-founder

Before starting at as a developer advocate Knut was a web consultant working with content-driven design processes. In his work he both encountered traditional monolithic CMSs and also new-fangled services like Sanity that treat content as structured data.

API-focused content management systems open up for interdisciplinary teams to work faster and closer together, they also introduce a new set of constraints that should be thought through and explored.

This is just what Knut has done in a new long-read just published in Smashing Magazine. Here he presents some high-level strategies for working with structured content and so-called headless CMSs.

It's a great read if you're thinking about or already working with structured content! Go give it a read and do let him know what you think.

Read the article on Smashing Magazine