Our article on succeeding with headless CMS projects is up on Smashing Magazine!

Before starting at as a developer advocate Knut was a web consultant working with content-driven design processes. In his work he both encountered traditional monolithic CMSs and also new-fangled services like Sanity that treat content as structured data.

API-focused content management systems open up for interdisciplinary teams to work faster and closer together, they also introduce a new set of constraints that should be thought through and explored.

This is just what Knut has done in a new long-read just published in Smashing Magazine. Here he presents some high-level strategies for working with structured content and so-called headless CMSs.

It's a great read if you're thinking about or already working with structured content! Go give it a read and do let him know what you think.

Install Sanity:
npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init|