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NEWS · January 23rd 2020

Building the official Las Vegas Alexa skill (Sanity User Group SF Meetup)

We're hosting a meetup in the Bay area on February 5th. Learn how the official Las Vegas Alexa skill is powered by structured content. And how to customize author experiences inside Sanity Studio.

Knut Melvær

Knut runs developer relations at

We're hosting a meetup in the Bay Area at the start of February. This meetup is all about rapid development and how structured content unlocks creativity and fast iteration. We have two excellent talks for you this evening!

The talks will be recorded and distributed afterward.

February 5th, 6pm – 8.45pm
Heavybit, Inc. 325 9th St · San Francisco, CA


“Alexa, what happens in Vegas?” Building the official Las Vegas Alexa Skill with structured content

Lucho Suárez, RR Partners

Lucho has been building the official Las Vegas skill for Amazon Alexa. In this talk, he shows how it's put together, and how it integrates with

About Lucho Suárez (@luchoster):
Computer Geek, Sleepless Front-End Developer, from Guatemala. Moved to Las Vegas about 10 years ago.

Rapid prototyping inside Sanity Studio

Espen Hovlandsdal, Knut Melvær,

Just how fast can you go from an idea to something customized and tangible? Espen and Knut show you how fast you can move from basic forms to a bespoke authoring experience with Sanity Studio.

About Espen & Knut:
Espen Hovlandsdal (@rexxars) is a full-stack developer who has been a part of the core product team since the start. Knut Melvær (@kmelve) is’s Head of developer relations and a long-time structured content enthusiast.

The event will be hosted at the Heavybit headquarters. There will be refreshments and pleasant conversation.


6.00 – Open doors & mingling

6.45 – Welcome and brief intros

7.00 – Talks

8.00 – Socializing

8.45 – Close doors