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NEWS · November 20th 2021

“A breakout year for Sanity”: Growing fast with top satisfaction among developers

We’re proud to see our community’s rapid growth and honored as Netlify’s Jamstack survey shows Sanity with the highest satisfaction rate for a CMS

Knut Melvær

Knut runs developer relations at

More than 100,000 people use Sanity to build and work with content, and that number surges upward on a daily basis. We are proud and humbled to have such a dynamic, thriving community using Sanity to accelerate their content initiatives and create better digital experiences on all of the channels their customers are using.

As our friends at Netlify said recently in their annual Jamstack Community Survey for 2021, “2021 was a breakout year for Sanity.” In the survey, which polled 7,000 members of the thriving Jamstack community, Sanity had the highest satisfaction rates of any other CMS and experienced a 48 percent increase in usage over the previous year.

“The explosive growth of the Jamstack ecosystem has seen headless content management as a category take over the CMS space. Sanity's outstanding user satisfaction scores predict even more growth in 2022,” said Laurie Voss, Netlify’s data evangelist who spearheaded the Jamstack report.

Headless is an important evolution in the future of content, and we see the CMS framework as a whole moving beyond headless to even more seamless interoperability across mediums and channels.

The increase in remote work ushered in by the pandemic has made it more important than ever to break down silos and improve collaboration across departments and content initiatives. According to Netlify’s Jamstack Community Survey, more than 40 percent of experienced developers went full-time remote, and won't be coming back to the office.

We believe that our unique approach to structured content, which removes barriers to creating and deploying content and makes it easier for developers and content creators to work together, is well suited for distributed ways of working and has been instrumental in our growth and the level of happiness in our customers over the past year.

We’ve also seen incredible engagement in our communities across Slack, GitHub, and Twitter, where nearly 30,000 people are helping each other out, sharing what they've built and exchanging professional experiences every day (if you’re not already part of our community on Slack, please join us!). Earlier this year we launched The Sanity Exchange, a global community of developers, editors, and digital dreamers that share our vision and have created hundreds of guides and plugins to enrich everyone’s ability to create better content experiences.

Thank you for being part of this amazing community and helping us build a better future for content. None of these achievements would be possible without your support! There’s more coming soon and we’re excited to share some important new partnerships, integrations, and features with you in the coming months.

Sanity's top satisfaction ranking in the Jamstack Community Survey 2021