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NEWS · October 1st 2021

Jamstack Conf: Feature launch and editor experience workshop

We've got a lot planned for this year's Jamstack conf, we hope you join us next week!

Knut Melvær

Knut runs developer relations at

Jamstack Conf is coming up next week. Not only are we returning as proud sponsors, but we are also doing a lightning launch, a workshop, and you'll find a lot of us over at the Sanity virtual lounge.

Lightning launch and feature release

We've spent time building something that we think will be useful and even exciting for projects that need automation and integration. Which would be most projects, we gather. Lauren and Kapehe will go on stage and give a demo. We can't wait to get this one into your hands.

Starts on 6 Oct 2021 21:30 CEST / 15:30 EST / 12:30 PST and is 10 minutes

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Workshop: How to create editor experiences your team will love

In this workshop, Lauren, Simen, and Knut will teach you how to use to approach structured content modeling, and how to build, iterate, and configure your own CMS to unify data models with efficient and delightful editor experiences.

Starts on 7 Oct 2021 18:00 CEST / noon EST / 09:00 PST and is 4 hours.

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Meet the team at our virtual lounge

One of our favorite parts of past Jamstack Confs is the opportunity to meet all of you! This year, we'll continue the tradition of having many members from the team in our virtual lounge to demo our product, answer questions, discuss the conference, and hang out. Stop by during one of the networking breaks and say hi!