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NEWS · September 3rd 2020

Community Digest #23

Musical talent, female founders, all the good dogs, and more.


Kapehe is a Developer Relations Specialist at Sanity.

Curious about what has been happening in the community recently? Us, too. There are so many awesome projects to check out. Let’s look at some of our favorites!

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Musical talent showcased with Gatsby

Nicolette Macleod has a beautiful voice and was able to store all her musical pieces in one awesome website. Built by Jedidiah Broadbent, he set the entire website up so that Nicolette has the power to manage the content herself in the Sanity Studio.

Past the website, go check out the beautiful vocal creations from Nicolette.

Female founded tech startup

This Shopify e-commerce site,, includes a serverless function that sync’s Shopify products to Sanity. The inviting design makes it easy to navigate your way around the website. This was David Gross’ first headless Shopify e-commerce site and we love what he did with it!

Cheers to women around the world! The product created by women helps women track pills and cycles using a nifty app.

“Strong women empower the world.” - EMME

A brand new course goes live

James Perkins launched his latest course which covers building a personal site and blog using Next.js, Sanity, and Chakra UI. From creating a light/dark mode to using webhooks from sanity, there’s a lot that James covers.

Treats for all the good puppers

All doggos are good doggos. Heed Foods website, created by Kevin Green, gives a fun shopping experience for dog treats! Kevin set up the Sanity Studio so that the client can link any number of products together.

There's also a really cool screensaver....did you see it?

For the doggos!

Norwegian artist portfolio

The website,, built by Eivind Lendbraten showcases Aurora's amazing work. Here is a sneak peek into the Sanity Studio that stores all the content for the website built with Next.js and Sanity.

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