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NEWS · May 6th 2020

Community Digest #18

We‘re back again with a bunch of highlights and new projects launched in the Sanity community. From stolen CSS to artful portfolios.

Knut Melvær

Knut runs developer relations at

Community Hightlights

Every week we share some of the highlights that are shared in the Sanity community.

Introducing the Community Management Studio

We have already blogged about it, but it deserves repetition: We have released the source code to our community management studio. We use it to keep track of questions asked in our community slack, and gain insights to what we should improve in the documentation, bugs, and feature requests. It also features serverless Google SSO integration and more advanced patterns for structure builder that might be of inspiration.

The Community Studio features:

* Track messages and threads with 🎫 and mark them as done with ✅

* Scope ticket creation to an email domain

* Personalized desk structure

* Custom input components for easy tagging

* Serverless deployment on @vercel

Tweet published on: Apr 27, 2020, 6:23 PM

Thanks y'all!

We are humbled, amazed, and deeply grateful for all of you who recommended for Wes’ next course. Developer experience is already at the core of how we think product, and this just makes us want to double down on it even more.

If I were to use a Headless CMS in my next course (Gatsby!), which one would you like to see?

Currently dancing between ease-of-setup and Flexibility on a few of them.

Tweet published on: Apr 27, 2020, 2:02 PM

Wes stole some of our CSS, and we‘re totally fine with it!

Speaking of Wes Bos, he took notice of the pixelated blur-up effect we used on and borrowed it for blurring up… pizzas? image-rendering is definitively among the under-appreciated CSS properties out there.

Stealing this design detail from @sanity_io. Pixelated base 64 previews as the large image loads:

.gatsby-image-wrapper img[src*=base64\\,] {

image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges;

image-rendering: pixelated;


Tweet published on: May 1, 2020, 3:53 PM

Structure builder for image asset documents

Sticking to the topic of image assets, here’s a snippet for those times you want to surface the image asset collection in the Studio and make the user-editable fields available (great for editing global alternative texts). Another example of the endless possibilities the Structure builder API gives you.

Initial values for the lazy writer

Knut [ed. that‘s me in the third person] felt lazy and didn’t want to waste time figuring out what the latest digits for the community digest were. So he made an initial value template to create a new edition. Here’s the gist if you want to tweak it for your purposes.

Tweet by:knut's photo

Initial Value Templates for @sanity_io are handy for automating stuff that you do regularly. Every week I create a new community digest with the same title convention and structure. So I made a thing that put in the right values, including the correct number iteration.

Tweet published on: Apr 30, 2020, 9:13 PM

How to backup your content to Cloud Firestore from Sanity

Alex “Coding Cat” Petterson shared this tutorial on how to sync your content from Sanity to Firestore. And demonstrates how little code you need to move your content around:

Built with Sanity

Here’s a collection of new projects and websites that launched with Sanity the past week. If you have launched something with structured content from Sanity, tell us about it on Twitter or in the #i-made-this channel in the community Slack (and do share screenshots of your studios)!

Albin‘s digital garden

Albin Groen just launched his new personal website / digital garden on

Using Sanity together with Gatsby and theme-ui is definitely one of the better developer experiences I've had in a while!

New product site for TwinThread

This week, Chandler Van De Water announced this slick company website in the #i-made-this channel:

I just launched my company’s new product site, which I designed and built: –sanity (graphql) + gatsby + rebass. It was really fun to work on.

New blog: Documenting is Cool

Gabi writes about her new blog called (we especially liked the post about “enhancing your technical job opportunity description”):

Hello, yesterday I started looking into and today my blog is up. The blog theme is simple and nice (it's what I wanted), and I made it even simpler (no images on the preview or shown author - I am the author). I wanted a place of my own to write technical or otherwise connected posts and ideas. Thank you very much for the help I got in my troubleshooting, I appreciate you took the time.

New e-commerce site for Laura McCartney

Laura shared the new e-commerce site for her pottery and art. Powered by Gatsby, Sanity, and Snipcart for the cart and checkout experience. We really like the idea of making your own besoke e-commerce experience for your own handcraft.

New website for art exhibitions

Simon Rogers at the London-based Fraser Muggerige studio shared this new series of fortnightly microsites for exhibitions at Sadie Coles! We love the return of <marquee> here!

Personal portfolio for Levi Bergqvist

Paulius launched a portfolio site for his friend. It features some really tasteful page transitions and a ton of great visual design work. Here is what Paulius says:

Based on Sanity Portfolio starter. Very happy with the ease of building content models!
There are three different pages to model each section of the website and each page has a list of references to projects/posters to define a specific order how they should be displayed.
“Projects/posters have content built out from different types of blocks. I like how it makes it easy both to define new blocks and control rendering of those blocks front-end side ;)”