NEWS · September 15th 2020

Schema with the sun: Join us for a 14-hour live stream schema hackathon

The Sanity team will be live streaming the creation of Studio-only starters and including community contributions

Bryan Robinson

Bryan is a Developer Relations Specialist at Sanity.

The Sanity team is planning a 14-hour live stream of schema creation on Twitch. Join us Sept. 22!

We’ll be creating new starters for that will focus on a Studio install with no front-end. These will be great ways to speed up your development process regardless of framework. These new starters will be great beginnings for things like full marketing websites, one-pagers, personal CRMs, event sites, and more.


Schema around the Sun

Date: Tuesday, Sept. 22

Times: 10 a.m. - midnight CEST / 1 a.m. - 3 p.m. PDT

Where: Sanity's Twitch and Community Slack

Community contributions

We want to make this day interactive. We’ll have polls throughout the day for challenges you’d like to see the team tackle. We also want this to be more than a live stream. We want this to be a day for the community to get together and build together.

Join in the fun and create your own starters that can be used on The most interesting or useful starters may get featured on stream, on the Create page itself, and in the community digest. Anyone chosen to be featured will also get our community appreciation plan for one of their projects.

Throughout the day, we’ll showcase how to turn your Studio project into a starter that anyone in the community can use with 1-click.