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Markdown input

Official(made by Sanity team)
v3 Ready

By Rune Botten & Espen Hovlandsdal

Markdown input component and schema type. Supports image uploads.


This is a Sanity Studio v2 plugin. For the v3 version, please refer to the v3-branch.

A Markdown editor with preview for Sanity Studio. Supports Github flavored markdown and image uploads. You can either drag image(s) into the editor or click the bottom bar to bring up a file selector. The inserted image(s) has a default width crop in the url which you can change to your liking with the Sanity image pipeline parameters.


yarn add sanity-plugin-markdown@studio-v2

Next, add "markdown" to sanity.json plugins array:

"plugins": [


Declare a field in your schema to be markdown

const myDocument = {
  type: "document",
  name: "myDocument",
  fields: [
      type: "markdown",
      description: "A Github flavored markdown field with image uploading",
      name: "bio"





Studio Version

This plugin is available for Studio v3 and Studio v2.What are studio versions and which do I choose?


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