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WRO Myanmar

By Yan Aung Hein

The website of World Robot Olympiad Myanmar

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About the project

WRO Myanmar 2024 is the very first World Robot Olympiad Competitions in Myanmar

I worked with my friend, Aung Pyae (https://www.duodesignlab.com/about/aung-pyae-kyaw) to design and development completely from scratch and then integrate sanity as a content source.

The site is one of the communications channels for WRO Myanmar. Visitor can see what WRO Myanmar is all about, see the timeline of competitions and events, browse materials and order, read up-to-date news, register for competitions, and contact for multiple purpose (general inquiry, partners, sponsorships, etc).

You can learn more about us and contact here: https://www.duodesignlab.com/
and here as well: https://webflow.com/@duo-designs-workspace-cfe9e6


Yan Aung Hein

Web Developer, UI/UX Enthusiast & Co-founder @ Duo Design Lab

Yan is located at Taungoo, Myanmar. (Currently live in Bangkok)
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