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Sanity's non-profit plan

Sanity offers a heavily discounted non-profit plan for eligible non-profit organizations.

The plan

The non-profit plan mirrors the Growth plan, but we offer it for free (no credit card required) as long as you stay within the quotas. Additionally, we've added the following features to the plan:

  • 25 users included free of charge, with $15 per additional user without limit
  • 3 datasets (+1 from Growth plan)
  • SAML SSO add-on included

Note that additional add-ons are not available, and you need to add a credit card to pay for additional overages and users.

Who's eligible?

We offer the non-profit plan to:

  • Small and mid-sized organizations that are “organized and operated for a collective, public or social benefit” and where the revenue exceeding expenses goes back into the cause
  • Educational and academic institutions of smaller sizes and budgets
  • Open-source projects that are based on sponsorships or voluntary effort (so not monetized)

Who's not eligible?

  • Organizations that qualify for our Enterprise plan, including large non-profit organizations like global humanitarian operations, universities, etc.
  • Organizations that can’t comply with our Terms of Service.

How to apply?

Fill out the application form and you'll hear back from us within 14 business days. Please note:

  • If you don't provide a valid Sanity project ID, your application will be ignored.
  • You'll receive an email when a decision has been made, but we're not able to provide technical support over email after this. Please join our community on Slack to get help.

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