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Plugins API

Extend the capabilities of your studio using plugins

The plugin configuration property accepts an array of plugin definitions. Plugin configuration accepts most of the same properties as the workspace config API, the notable exceptions being dataset, projectId, auth and theme.


While entirely optional, wrapping your plugin configuration object with the definePlugin()-helper function (exported from 'sanity') will make most editors show helpful type information and autocomplete suggestions even if you're not using TypeScript!

import { definePlugin } from 'sanity'

export const previewUrlPlugin = definePlugin({
  name: 'preview-url-plugin'
  document: {
    productionUrl: async (prev, { document }) => {
      const slug = document.slug?.current;
			return slug ? ‘https://some-custom-url.xyz/${slug}: prev


  • REQUIREDnamestring

    Unique identifier for the plugin

  • documentobject | DocumentPluginOptions

    Accepts custom components for document actions and badges, as well as a custom productionUrl resolver and default configuration for new documents. Read more about the document API.

  • formobject | SanityFormConfig

    Extensions / customizations to the studio forms. Accepts configurations for image and file asset sources as well as custom components to override the default studio rendering. Read more about the form API.

  • pluginsarray | PluginOptions[]

    Studio plugins - takes an array of plugin declarations that can be called with or without a configuration object. Read more about plugins.

  • toolsarray | Tool[]

    Studio tools – takes an array of tool declarations that can be called with or without a configuration object. Read more about the tool API.

  • schemaobject | SchemaPluginOptions

    Schema definition - takes an array of types and an optional array of templates (initial value templates). While defining a schema is not required, there are few things inside the studio that works without one. Read more about the schema API.

  • studioobject | StudioComponentPluginOptions

    Accepts a components object which will let you override the default rendering of certain bits of the studio UI. Read more about studio components.

  • titlestring

    Human-readable name for the plugin

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