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Common instructions for AI Assist

Instruction cheat sheet with common tasks that can be adopted to your specific use case.

Here, you will find instructions for common tasks that AI Assist can do. Use these as inspiration and a starting point for more specialized instructions.

Paid feature

This article is about a feature currently available for all projects on the Growth plan and up.

Good to know

Sanity AI Assist knows about your Studio's schema. When running instructions at the document level, for instance, you can still target specific fields by referring to them by title. E.g.,¬†‚ÄúCreate a description based on¬†title, then add a relevant¬†callout¬†to¬†body. Do not add anything to any other fields.‚ÄĚUsing explicit commands and clear language like ‚ÄúImportant: <command>‚ÄĚ can help guide the assistant in a certain direction if it‚Äôs being too creative.

Write more of a body

Where:¬†body¬†‚ÄstPortable Text or plain text field


Given the title body, keep writing copy.

Get started on an article

Where: document instruction


Given the following inspiration User input (What should the article be about?) Create an article.

Summarize a field

Where:¬†summary¬†‚ÄstPortable Text or plain text field


Summarize body

Instruction variation (to suggest how the summary should be formatted when saving to a formatted text field):

Summarize body. Do not use lists, headlines, or quotes.

List categories

Where: On an array field with strings


List the categories relevant to body

Shorten a field

Where: On the field to shorten


Shorten <the field itself>

Translate a field

Where: On the field where the translation should be stored


Translate title to Norwegian.

Sentiment analysis

Where: On a text field where the sentiment should be stored


Classify the sentiment of the following text body

Determine if it is elated, happy, neutral, sad, or angry.

Create a catchy title

Where: On the title field


Create a catchy and engaging headline about User input: (What should the title be about)

‚ÄúSmart‚ÄĚ paste

Where: On any field or at the document level


Given the following User input:

User input (Paste your stuff here)

Format the User input so it aligns with the schema. Do not omit sections or paragraphs; use formatting, headings and lists as appropriate.

Infer item types based on context.

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