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Any number, e.g. 900900.09E+2 or 9.0E+2.


  • REQUIREDtypestring

    Value must be set to number.

  • REQUIREDnamestring

    Required. The field name. This will be the key in the data record.

  • titlestring

    Human readable label for the field.

  • hiddenboolean | function

    If set to true, this field will be hidden in the studio. You can also return a callback function to use it as a conditional field.

  • readOnlyboolean

    If set to true, this field will not be editable in the content studio.

  • descriptionstring

    Short description to editors how the field is to be used.

  • initialValue

    The initial value used when creating new values from this type. Can be either a literal number value or a resolver function that returns either a literal number value or a promise resolving to a number value.


  • listarray

    A list of predefined values that the user may pick from. The array can include numeric values [1, 2] or objects [{value: 1, title: 'One'}, ...].

  • layoutstring

    Controls how the items defined in the list option are presented. If set to 'radio' the list will render radio buttons. If set to 'dropdown' you'll get a dropdown menu instead. Default is dropdown.

  • directionstring

    Controls how radio buttons are lined up. Use direction: 'horizontal|vertical' to render radio buttons in a row or a column. Default is vertical. Will only take effect if the layout option is set to radio.


Learn more about validation


  title: 'Current popularity',
  name: 'popularity',
  type: 'number'


  "_type": "movie",
  "popularity": 12.5,


Never use number for storing a phone-number. Minimize pain down the road and use string instead.

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