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Document Badges API

Reference documentation for the document badges.

A document badge is a small UI component that indicates the status of a document. It currently appears in the Studio next to the toolbar actions. The default set of document badges currently shows draft and published status.

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Document badge properties

These are the properties returned to a badge component.

  • idstring

    An id for the current document (e.g. the id of the published document)

  • typestring

    The schema type of the current document.

  • draftSanityDocument

    Returns the draft document (a document with unpublished changes) if any. Returns null if there is no draft document.

  • publishedSanityDocument

    The version of the document that is currently published, if available. Returns null if the document isn't published.

Document badge description

These are the properties a badge description object must follow.

  • titlestring

    Title of the badge. This will be displayed when hovering the badge.

  • labelstring

    The label that the badge will display.

  • colorstring

    The color for the badge. Can be one of the following values: primary, warning, success, danger


export function HelloWorldBadge(props) {
  return {
    label: 'Hello world',
		title: 'Hello I am a custom document badge',
    color: "success"

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