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Tasks for Sanity Studio

Learn to use Sanity Studio's tasks for collaboration, assign tasks, comment on tasks, and resolve tasks for efficient content creation.

Tasks for Sanity Studio are perfect for collaborating on content with your team, or even for solo content creators who need to keep track of their outstanding to-do’s in the same environment where the work is to be done. Assign tasks to the appropriate team member, and they will get a notification alerting them to the new item in their inbox. Keep the discussion going in dedicated comment threads for every task, and tag in those who might be missing out with @mention’s.

Paid feature

This article discusses a feature that is available for projects on the Growth plan and up. Visit our pricing page to learn about Sanity’s different plan offerings.

Working with tasks

Find your tasks inbox

Your tasks inbox is located in the top-right corner of your studio, next to your profile picture. Here, you’ll find any new tasks assigned to you, any in-progress tasks that you’ve subscribed to, and all open tasks for the currently active document, whether or not you’ve been tagged in yet.

Create a task

Click the link aptly labeled + New task to create a new task. You can give your task a deadline, and assign it to the appropriate person who will then receive a notification email. You can also @mention studio users to notify them that their input is requested.


Memo to self? Assigning a task to yourself, or @mentioning yourself in a task will not trigger any notifications, so talking to yourself in the studio is perfectly fine, and won’t flood your inbox.

You can also choose to attach your task to a target document or leave it empty if that’s more appropriate. Adding a target document facilitates discovery and contextualizing, and will also put a handy notice next to the publish button for the relevant document, listing unfinished tasks.

Comment on tasks

Tasks can have comment threads attached so you can keep related discussions in one easy to find place. Just as with comments elsewhere you can @mention your team members to let them know about discussions they should be aware of.

Resolve tasks

Once dealt with, a task can be satisfactorily checked off your to-do list. Resolved tasks are still available by accessing the list of Done tasks at the bottom of your inbox.

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