Projects, organizations, and billing

How to create, manage, and delete organizations.

All projects on can be tied to an organization. An organization holds contact and billing information, and can have administrators, billing managers, and developers added to them. Agencies and freelancers can initiate projects and create organizations for their clients for a smooth hand-over.


Looking to add a project to an organization? Projects are always assigned to an individual upon creation and can then be moved to an organization via the Manage interface. To move a project between organizations you must have admin privileges in the organization that currently owns the project.

Creating a new organization

  1. Log into
  2. Select a project and go to Settings
  3. Under General you'll find the “Organization” heading
  4. Here you can either select an organization you're already a member of, or create a new one from the link
  5. Fill in the Payment details and hit Save

Managing an organization

  1. Log into
  2. Projects will be listed out and sectioned by the organizations you're member of
  3. In the organization headings, push the “edit organization” link to go to its settings
  4. In the organization settings you get an overview over existing projects, as well as the team, billing information, and GDPR information.

Adding contact details for EU representative and Data Protection Officer (DPO)

  1. Follow the steps for managing your organization
  2. Under Settings you'll find buttons for adding contact details for your EU representative and Data Protection Officer

Deleting an organization

  1. Move or delete all projects connected to the organization in the projects’ settings
  2. Follow the steps for managing your organization
  3. Under Settings, click the Delete Organization button

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