Go Behind the Experience to see how Tecovas brings the West to life with Sanity 🤠 July 18th

Sanity Studio

Sanity Studio is a real-time collaborative application for content creation. It's open-source and connects to the hosted Content Lake.

Sanity Studio was recently released in a new major version (v3). You can find migration guides from Studio v2 here.

You can quickly get up and running and define your schema types (content models) with plain-old JavaScript objects. From your definitions, Sanity Studio will autogenerate an editing environment that comes with a ton of features out of the box (document versioning, real-time collaboration, nested and connected content, conditional fields, initial form values, etc).

Sanity Studio also comes with a framework for customizing editing experiences that lets you do everything from defining custom form validation with JavaScript to building input components with React, and much more.

Core features


Reference docs

If you need detailed information about how the different Studio APIs and configurations you can go to the reference documentation.


You can extend the studio with input components, dashboard widgets and other tools.