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Plans and Payments

All Sanity projects are on a plan (by default a free plan), which comes with a set of included features and monthly resource quotas. Our available plans are listed on the pricing page, and can be ordered at any time from the project's management page. Some plans offer additional features for purchase. Any resource usage beyond the quotas will be billed at overage rates, except for free projects without a registered credit card (or on a legacy free plan), which may be temporarily deactivated instead.

Paid plans require that the project belongs to an "organization", which is responsible for payment. This does not have to be an actual company–you can create your own personal organization if you want to. The organization simply holds the billing address and credit card information for one or more projects.

Projects are billed in advance each month, and follow calendar months; all projects in an organization are invoiced and charged together on the first of each month, along with any overage charges accrued during the previous month.

We prorate the price when you change plans or cancel: if you upgrade to a larger plan on the 20th, we will only charge you for the remaining third of the month, and subtract a third of what you may have already paid for the old plan. Similarly, if you cancel a project on the 20th, we will refund one third of the monthly cost. Features and resource quotas are prorated in the same way. Plan changes and cancellations can be performed at any time, and take effect immediately.

From time to time we may make changes to our plan offerings, but you will remain on your original plan unless you choose to switch to a newer plan yourself. We may occasionally move projects to newer plans automatically, but this will generally only happen when it is clearly in your best interest, and you will always be notified of this in advance.

In the case of payment failures, we will notify you by email, and retry the payment for three days. If payment still has not gone through, and we have not been able to contact you, we may temporarily deactivate the project.

Resource Quotas and Overage

Plans come with a set of resource quotas:

  • API requests: number of HTTP(S) requests to <project>.api.sanity.io during the month, excluding OPTIONS requests.
  • API CDN requests: number of HTTP(S) requests to <project>.apicdn.sanity.io during the month, excluding OPTIONS requests. (This is typically the requests incurred when serving your content to end-users.)
  • Assets: total size of all uploaded assets and files at the end of the month
  • Bandwidth: total outgoing bandwidth for API, API CDN, and asset traffic during the month
  • Datasets: total number of datasets at the end of the month
  • Documents: total number of stored documents at the end of the month
  • Non-admin users: total number of non-admin users (excluding service tokens, i.e. robots) at the end of the month

Resource usage is metered periodically, with statistics available on each project's management page. Free projects without a credit card (or on our legacy free plan) may be temporarily disabled once they reach their quotas, while paid projects are charged additional overage fees. The current overage rates for a project can be found under the "Plan" tab in the management tool). Project admins may prevent extra overage fees by temporarily disabling the project.

Please be aware that downgrading a project to a smaller plan will also prorate the quotas, which may trigger additional overage charges due to resources that have already been spent earlier in the month. For example: if you are on a plan with a 50.000 API request quota, and have used 35.000 of these so far, then downgrading to a tiny plan with only 10.000 API requests in the middle of the month with leave you with half of 50.000 + half of 10.000, which is 30.000 API requests. Since you used 35.000, you now have 5.000 overage on your effective plan for this month and the rest of this months API requests will be billed as overage.

Project Transfers

Projects may be transferred between organizations. If you have billing rights in both organizations, this happens instantly. Otherwise, a billing manager in the receiving organization must approve the transfer before it takes effect.

Once a transfer is approved, the sender and receiver are prorated the plan cost; the sender is refunded the already paid amount for the remainder of the month, while the receiver is charged for the remainder of the month at the time of the transfer. The receiver will be responsible for paying any overage charges accrued on the project. Since a transfer does not change the project plan, this has no effect on resource quotas.


Looking to add a project to an organization? Projects are always assigned to an individual upon creation and can then be moved to an organization via the Manage interface.

Refunds and Credits

Project downgrades, transfers, and cancellations take effect instantly, and the already paid plan cost will be prorated and refunded for the remainder of the month. Any overage will be tallied and charged at the end of the month, unless the entire organization is deleted, in which case overage is tallied and charged immediately.

Refunds are issued to the card that was originally charged, and may take up to 10 business days to complete depending on the card issuer.

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