Use icons for types to display in the creation dialogue and when you're missing a media preview.

Helpful icons can improve the editorial experience, and can be applied in several contexts throughout the studio interface, such as in structures created in Structure Builder, and as tool icons in the Portable Text Editor.

Each document type can also be assigned an icon to illustrate its purpose. We recommend using an SVG file, but it can be any react component you like.

If you want to have your icons reflect the default style found throughout the Studio, you might opt to install the @sanity/icons-package. Another popular package is react-icons which includes a plethora of open source SVG icons from collections like Font Awesome, Material Design, Typicons, and Github Octicons. You can browse the icons available in @sanity/icons here. For react-icons, go here.


Install the icon package using your favorite package manager, and use them in your schemas! Just remember that any schema file with icons in them should have a .jsx or .tsx extension.

import { PlayIcon } from '@sanity/icons'
{ name: 'movie', type: 'document', icon: PlayIcon, fields: [ { title: 'Title', name: 'title', type: 'string' }, { title: 'Release Date', name: 'releaseDate', type: 'date' } ], preview: { select: { title: 'title', subtitle: 'releaseDate' } } }

Here we've added unique icons for each of our document types Movie, Person, Screening.

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