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Comments for Sanity Studio

Learn to use Comments in Sanity Studio for effective collaboration, including leaving comments, @mentions, and resolving comments.

Comments for Sanity Studio enables effective collaboration workflows right where the work is done. Leave comments on specific document fields or even single words in Portable Text, @mention your colleagues, and streamline your content workflow without ever leaving the studio.

Paid feature

This article discusses a feature that is available for projects on the Growth plan and up. Visit our pricing page to learn about Sanity's different plan offerings.

Comments workflow

Once Comments has been enabled for your project, open any document in your studio to start exploring how they work. If someone has already left comments on any field in the document you will notice a small speech bubble icon ๐Ÿ’ฌ adorning the input showing how many comments have been posted. If no comments have yet been posted, hover any field to bring up the speech bubble to leave the first!

Leaving comments

Hover over any comment-enabled field and click on the comment icon ๐Ÿ’ฌ to open a popover dialog, then type your comment in the input field and hit Send to post it.

To mention a colleague, type @ followed by their name. A list of users with access to the document will appear. Click on the user you want to mention, and they will receive an email notification.

Your comment will now be visible to others with access to the document, and any mentioned users will receive a notification by email.

Unlike their closely related cousin Tasks, comments are always directly coupled with a specific piece of content in your studio. Comments can be attached to any compatible field, or even to distinct sentences or words within Portable Text!

Clicking the ๐Ÿ’ฌ comments icon on a field, will open the comment inbox for the document so you can easily browse through existing comments. Comments are neatly grouped into the fields they correspond to.

Resolving comments

When a comment has been addressed or is no longer relevant, you can mark it as resolved. To do this, click on the Resolve option in the popover menu that appears when hovering. Resolved comments will be hidden from the main view but can still be accessed in the Resolved Comments list.

Shows a comment being resolved

Reactions, editing, and deleting comments

In addition to resolving comments, the popover menu includes a few more options. You can leave a reaction emoji for effective communication, copy a direct link to the comment, and you have options to edit or delete your comment. These options all work as you'd expect.

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