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Runs a script in Sanity context

usage: sanity exec SCRIPT

   Runs a script in Sanity context

  --with-user-token Prime access token from CLI config into getCliClient()
  --mock-browser-env Mocks a browser-like environment using jsdom

  # Run the script at some/script.js in Sanity context
  sanity exec some/script.js

  # Run the script at migrations/fullname.ts and configure `getCliClient()`
  # from `sanity/cli`to include the current user's token
  sanity exec migrations/fullname.ts --with-user-token

  # Run the script at scripts/browserScript.js in a mock browser environment
  sanity exec scripts/browserScript.js --mock-browser-env

  # Pass arbitrary arguments to scripts by separating them with a `--`.
  # Arguments are available in `process.argv` as they would in regular node scripts
  # eg the following command would yield a `process.argv` of:
  # ['/path/to/node', '/path/to/myscript.js', '--dry-run', 'positional-argument']
  sanity exec --mock-browser-env myscript.js -- --dry-run positional-argument

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