Rich Text Editor

To keep up with the speed of social media and pop culture, marketers need to be faster and more autonomous than ever before. Sanity’s rich text editor is built to empower marketers in a headless environment.

Rich Text Editor Fields Input

Very cool draft spec from @sanity_io for handling rich text content via JSON - reminds me a lot of the React.createElement function signature

The Sanity Rich Text Editor

The Sanity Rich Text Editor itself is a clean interface for editing text. Easily embed data by dragging and dropping in-line blocks. Add additional layers of information such as comments, footnotes, highlights, and translations. Make everything available via APIs and leave the rendering up to the frontend. You could even use rich text in ways Sanity has never been before.

How Does Rich Text Work in Sanity?

Sanity supports the Portable Text format, which can be used for nearly any markup language whether it’s HTML, XML, SSML, Markdown, or another format. That means content stored in the Sanity Data Store can be published across a wide of range devices and touchpoints. The Sanity Rich Text Editor, therefore, offers a familiar editorial experience without putting data structure constraints on content.

What Is Rich Text Used For?

Rich Text — saved as an RTF file — is text that’s compatible with different formats and style options. Traditional text editing formats like HTML and Markdown pose limitations on headless content management because it’s challenging to transform these formats for different use-cases. That’s why rich text is a flexible alternative that supports omnichannel content publishing.

    Benefits of the Sanity Rich Text Editor

    • Edit content saved as flexible rich-text format within Sanity Studio
    • Streamline content reuse under an omnichannel marketing strategy
    • Define content models using a variety of formats under the Portable Text specification
    • Use Sanity as an HTML rich text editor for traditional websites
    • Publish content from the Sanity Data Store to any device or channel
    • Develop with Javascript and React
    • Make everything available via APIs and let the frontend handle rendering
    • Invent rich text use cases never seen by Sanity before

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