Introducing GROQ-powered Webhooks
Case study

How The Nobel Peace Center generates localized landing pages

The Nobel Peace Center powers its localized website and interactive installations with Sanity and structured content.

Use case

Localization of their website and interactive installations

Structured Content
Screens & Website
<5 weeks

Sanity is unparalleled in how easy it is to get started and get going.

About the customer

The Nobel Peace Center is an independent foundation, financed through a combination of private donations and government grants. Close to 250,000 people visit us each year, including over 700 school groups. The Nobel Peace Center is the museum about the Nobel Peace Prize, presenting the Peace Prize laureates and their work, and tell the story of Alfred Nobel and the Peace Prize.

Interactive Installation
AWS Lamda
Key benefits

No DevOps Overhead

Within minutes the developers had everything they need to get started with building content models. No need to set up databases and servers.

Flexible Customization

The client needed a custom integration with their DAM. With the extensible studio, the developers could build their own input components using React.


The developers could reuse their content models and custom input components across the custom editing experiences for the different parts of the projects.

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