United States Dropdown List

By Brent Robbins

A simple states dropdown list for your Studio


export default [
   { "title": "Alabama", "value": "AL"},
  { "title": "Alaska", "value": "AK"},
  { "title": "Arizona", "value": "AZ"},
  { "title": "Arkansas", "value": "AR"},
  { "title": "California", "value": "CA"},
  { "title": "Colorado", "value": "CO"},
  { "title": "Connecticut", "value": "CT"},
  { "title": "Delaware", "value": "DE"},
  { "title": "Florida", "value": "FL"},
  { "title": "Georgia", "value": "GA"},
  { "title": "Hawaii", "value": "HI"},
  { "title": "Idaho", "value": "ID"},
  { "title": "Illinois", "value": "IL"},
  { "title": "Indiana", "value": "IN"},
  { "title": "Iowa", "value": "IA"},
  { "title": "Kansas", "value": "KS"},
  { "title": "Kentucky", "value": "KY"},
  { "title": "Louisiana", "value": "LA"},
  { "title": "Maine", "value": "ME"},
  { "title": "Maryland", "value": "MD"},
  { "title": "Massachusetts", "value": "MA"},
  { "title": "Michigan", "value": "MI"},
  { "title": "Minnesota", "value": "MN"},
  { "title": "Mississippi", "value": "MS"},
  { "title": "Missouri", "value": "MO"},
  { "title": "Montana", "value": "MT"},
  { "title": "Nebraska", "value": "NE"},
  { "title": "Nevada", "value": "NV"},
  { "title": "New Hampshire", "value": "NH"},
  { "title": "New Jersey", "value": "NJ"},
  { "title": "New Mexico", "value": "NM"},
  { "title": "New York", "value": "NY"},
  { "title": "North Carolina", "value": "NC"},
  { "title": "North Dakota", "value": "ND"},
  { "title": "Ohio", "value": "OH"},
  { "title": "Oklahoma", "value": "OK"},
  { "title": "Oregon", "value": "OR"},
  { "title": "Pennsylvania", "value": "PA"},
  { "title": "Rhode Island", "value": "RI"},
  { "title": "South Carolina", "value": "SC"},
  { "title": "South Dakota", "value": "SD"},
  { "title": "Tennessee", "value": "TN"},
  { "title": "Texas", "value": "TX"},
  { "title": "Utah", "value": "UT"},
  { "title": "Vermont", "value": "VT"},
  { "title": "Virginia", "value": "VA"},
  { "title": "Washington", "value": "WA"},
  { "title": "West Virginia", "value": "WV"},
  { "title": "Wisconsin", "value": "WI"},
  { "title": "Wyoming", "value": "WY"}


import unitedStates from './unitedStates'

export default {
  name: 'someDocument',
  title: 'Some Document',
  type: 'document',
  fields: [
      title: 'States',
      name: 'states',
      type: 'string',
      options: {
        list: [

Here is an easy way to add a dropdown list of the States in the United States.

I would like to give credit to Sanity dev and contributor Racheal Pennell for her Countries dropdown List schema for the inspiration for this solution.