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Schema Inspector

By Andre Brdoch

Make your schemas inspectable!


Sanity tool plugin for inspecting your schemas. Make life easier for your frontend developers - keep them sane!

Getting started

Install with Sanity CLI:

sanity install @andre-brdoch/sanity-plugin-schema-inspector

A new Schemas tab should show in your tools bar. All custom types defined in schema.js will be inspectable.


Configurations can be changed in your Sanity project under ./config/@andre-brdoch/sanity-plugin-schema-inspector.json


An array of strings with the keys that should be hidden in the inspector data structure.

Default: ["icon"]

Example: "keysToIgnore": ["icon", "fieldset", "fieldsets", "preview", "initialValue", "inputComponent"]

This will remove several keys from the inspector data structure that are not important when building your frontend.


An array of strings with the names of types that should not be inspectable.

Example: typesToIgnore: ["faq"]


  • inspect custom schema types
  • type definitions are linked
  • download selected schema as JSON
  • copy name by clicking name value
  • routing


  • add option for resolving the complete data model, instead of just linking to the other types
  • sort types

Known Issues

  • When navigating from other tools to the inspector, a reload is sometimes required

Install command

sanity install @andre-brdoch/sanity-plugin-schema-inspector