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Sanity for Enterprise

Modern composable experiences

Flexible meets powerful. Transform your business with the content platform where teams iterate fast and collaborate in real-time to deliver exceptional experiences everywhere.

Diagram showing how Sanity integrates with an e-commerce platform and your headless front-end

Trusted by 2000+ leading brands

The results are in

Sanity is ranked #1 out of 85 CMSes on G2

G2.com, the world's largest marketplace for software, has rated Sanity as the #1 leader in the Headless CMS category, as measured by customer review ratings and market presence

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Powering PUMA: Multi-Channel Campaigns Unified by Sanity

Sanity enabled PUMA to create a single source of truth for content so they can move faster, create innovative, multi-channel, digital campaigns, and achieve a holistic brand across markets.

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Sanity is the connective tissue for all of our digital properties, syncing content for all of PUMA's global markets.

Bettina Donmez · Senior Manager of E-commerce Platform Development at PUMA

Trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies

Enterprise Ready


Expand effortlessly with our global cloud platform, designed for seamless scaling from prototypes to production-level solutions.


Boost performance with our responsive APIs and collaborative tools, bolstered by a worldwide CDN and edge-caching for lightning-fast data retrieval.


SOC 2, GDPR, & CCPA compliant platform. 24/7/365 monitoring. >99.9% uptime. Hosted on industry-leading infrastructure. Custom access control. SSO.

Data Integrity

Preserve your data's fidelity with dedicated infrastructure, custom CDN domains, complete document histories, and access to every revision for a full year and beyond.

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Success is about simplicity—for Tata, that’s the ability to manage content across brands in a unified seamless direct manner without having to jump through multiple hoops. And, to do it in a way so that a small team can manage big things.

Pavan Podila · Chief Software Architect at Tata Digital

Sanity unlocks content velocity for your entire team

Deliver vibrant content—without slowing your site

Get lightning-fast site speed that keeps pace with quick purchase decisions. Sanity’s integrated asset CDN optimizes processing and caching across images, videos, and more. Develop using the frameworks you’ve chosen as part of your modern stacks, like Hydrogen, Next.js, Gatsby.js, and Nuxt.js.

Accelerate content workflows with AI

Customize workflows so content teams move fast and work together seamlessly during launches or holiday sales. With real-time collaboration, they can work in the same document without clashing or getting locked out. Use Sanity AI Assist to eliminate repetitive chores like writing meta descriptions or alternative titles.

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Graphic displaying an example editorial workflow for a spring cleaning sale

Unleash your ideas. Ship with confidence and speed.

Give your teams editing experiences as joyful as the content they create. Customized to support any content type or workflow. Pre-loaded with visual editing tools that understand content reuse.

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It's incredibly easy to push data into Sanity Content Lake from outbound systems. With the Sanity API, I'm not making 10,000 calls to update 10,000 items. I'm making one API call and the whole dataset is updated.

Kevin Harwood · CTO at Tecovas

State of web development survey 2024

Sanity rated #1 in CMS satisfaction by over 7,000 developers

With Sanity your team can dream bigger and move faster to scale, drive innovation, and accelerate customer acquisition. Let content power your growth engine.

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